How Do I Report a Service Outage

Reporting a Power Outage 256-232-1440 For the most up-to-date outage information during major outages and storms, follow us on Twitter or facebook.

What to do if my power is out? 

1. Go to your main electrical panel to see if a fuse has blown or a breaker has tripped. Fuses must be replaced while breakers need only be reset.
2. If the problem is not in your main panel, call a neighbor to determine if other homes in the area have been affected.
3. If the problem is not within your home or several are involved, notify Athens Utilities 256-232-1440

What number do I call? Dial 256-232-1440 to report directly to our IVR system, an automated outage program. If this phone number is recognized by the computer, it will locate your account information for the system control operator to radio the repair crew. If the number is not found, you will be transferred to our dispatch operator or you may leave a voice message providing us with your name, a number where you can be reached, and your address. What happens after I leave my information on the IVR? The information recorded by the IVR system during every call is automatically input into Athens Utilities outage management system and repair crews are immediately dispatched. If my phone number is not on file in the computer, how can I update it? Call 256-233-8750 or email us and ask us to update your telephone number in our outage system. Reporting a Loss in Water Service If you have a loss of water service then call 256-262-1440 and follow the prompts to report the loss of service. Reporting a Gas Emergency If you smell gas then call 256-216-8621 to report the Gas Emergency

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