If your green garbage can looks dark-green with an Athens City decal (looks like the images provided), your house is served by this department.

If your garbage can is different or you do not have a can, go to the Athens-Limestone Government Services to find out who provides service for your address.

Superintendent Message

Welcome to the City of Athens, Department of Sanitation's page. We have made it a departmental goal to provide the residents of Athens the best and most responsive services possible. We take pride in the service provided to you, the residents of Athens.

Through this site you will be able to find information about the services provided and the guidelines pertaining to those services. Whether you need to know about the automated garbage collection system, bulk trash collection, recycling collection or commercial collection, this website can guide you to the information.

The Athens Sanitation Department serves 6500 homes and 770 businesses. We are excited about the future of Athens. The Sanitation Department is prepared to meet the needs of the citizens and businesses located within the City of Athens.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Bernard Hammonds,

Director Sanitation Department

Dark Green Garbage Can  with decal
Dark Green Garbage Can  with decal
Side view of Garbage Truck