Customer Accounts

Athens Utilities Customer Accounts office is located at 508 South Jefferson Street in Athens.

The Customer Accounts Office is Responsible for:

  • Signing up new customers
  • Preparing and Sending Utility Bills
  • Making changes to Utility Accounts
  • Reading Meters
  • Disconnecting customers
  • Taking Utility Payments
  • Processing Utility Payments

Avoid falling victim to scammers calling about a utility bill

Athens Utilities periodically receives calls from customers reporting someone is calling them pretending to be Athens Utilities and asking for their credit card information to pay their utility bill. 

If you receive a call, do not provide your personal information. If you ever receive a call regarding your utility bill, you can hang up and call Athens Utilities directly at 256-233-8750.

If you give your personal information during one of these calls, please contact Athens Utilities at the above number and Athens Police at 256-233-8700.