Zoning Ordinance Update 2024-2025


The City of Athens Planning and Zoning Department is undertaking a comprehensive audit and update of the City’s zoning ordinance, to reflect current development best practices as well as the goals and values identified within the recently adopted Athens 2040: Pathways to Excellence Comprehensive Plan. The audit of the ordinance will kick-off in January 2024, with revisions and drafting set to begin later in the spring following the audit’s conclusion and recommendations stemming from the effort.

The ordinance audit and update will highlight and reinforce the integral relationship between the City’s recently adopted comprehensive plan and the regulatory framework necessary to implement plan goals and community values. In addition, this effort will:

  • Simplify language and clarify content using illustrations, diagrams, and tables to create a more organized, user-friendly ordinance for the City
  • Modernize the ordinance by infusing zoning best practice in urban design and development standards, to reinforce the community’s vision and accomplish plan goals
  • Encourage desired outcomes while balancing flexibility and predictability when it comes to regulation and procedure
  • Regulate what matters most to the community by focusing on seamless plan/code alignment
Project Timeline (to be updated throughout the process)
January 2024 Zoning code audit begins with stakeholder roundtable conversations and in-
depth review
April 2024 Audit findings introduced and ordinance drafting begins
Winter 2024/25 Complete draft of ordinance prepared for public review (tentative)
Spring 2025 Ordinance adoption (tentative)
Summer 2025 Staff and stakeholder training (tentative)


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Time-sensitive updates on meetings and other activities, as well as the release of draft content, will be added here. Please check this page periodically for updates...



Questions about the project? Input on the zoning ordinance? Reach out to:

Erin Tidwell, City Planner
Phone: (256) 262-1413
Email: etidwell@athensal.us