The Square

Listen for the horn as a train rolls through Downtown Athens and watch for some of our downtown merchants to appear at the beginning of this Roses & Cigarettes video "Fast As I Can" that premiered on Billboard Magazine in March 2019.

In Downtown Athens going to "The Square" is an experience we often take for granted. Our lives have been spent grabbing an ice cream cone, strolling the sidewalks, or resting on a bench under the dogwood trees on the Limestone County Courthouse lawn.

It's the place to find the perfect outfit or become mesmerized by the toy train winding through a window display at the hardware store. It's the place to see children encouraged to enjoy outdoor games at Athens Saturday Market or Fridays After Five.

The Square is the backdrop for parades, storytelling, and art events and is surrounded by a retail area to shop for the unique and dine on divine cuisine, which of course includes ice cream.

We invite you to visit Athens, a city that's Classic. Southern. Character. Stroll "The Square" so often that you start taking it for granted, too.