Automated Garbage Collection

Common Household Waste

This is the service for common household waste. Pick up is provided once a week on your designated day of collection. See the list of collection tips to help you make the best use the services.


City garbage trucks use special fitted arms that dump garbage into the truck from curbside. The operator controls the arm from inside the truck cabin. A 96 gallon container is provided by the city. The container has a life expectancy of 15 years with proper care. The container should be periodically cleaned with warm soapy water. Customers are responsible for cleaning their container. Never place hot ashes of flammable material in the container.
Side view of Garbage Truck
Please have bins to the curb by 6 a.m.


Carts are City property and should not be defaced. If you move, the cart remains at the current address. House numbers, street names, and resident's names shall not be painted or attached to the cart. If your cart breaks through normal wear and tear, the City will replace it at no cost to you. The City is not responsible for repair or replacement of the container when it is damaged due to abuse or neglect. Container replacement fee is $50. Containers needing repair or replacement must be emptied, washed out, and placed at the curb. This fee paid to the Sanitation Department offices in the Department of Public Works Building at 1600 Elm Street West.

Collection Day

Please place all household garbage in bags then place bags inside your container with the lid closed. On your regular collection day, place your container by the street side with the handle facing away from the street. Container(s) should be placed at least 3 feet from any object. Please remove your container from the curb after your collection day (per 2009 Code of Ordinances, § 46-96(c)).

Physically challenged persons may contact our office for assistance with your collection. You can contact our department at 256-233-8747 for further assistance.


View a collection map (PDF).