Attention: Our Mid-Season Cleanup!

The Cemetery staff is preparing for the mid-season grass cutting. We are asking that all our families remove all grave decorations and ground flowers. Any items not removed will be removed by the cemetery staff and discarded. Please see our Monument, Flag, Flower Regulations for our full list of rules and regulations.


The City of Athens Cemetery Department operates and maintains the following 5 cemeteries:

  1. Roselawn Cemetery (No Available Lots)
    523 US Hwy 31 South
    Athens, AL 35611
  2. Thatch-Mann Cemetery
    1751 W Hobbs Street
    Athens, AL 35611
  3. Athens City Cemetery (No Available Lots)
    501 Washington Street East
    Athens, AL 35611
  4. Hine-Hobbs Street Cemetery (No Available Lots)
    1201 West Hobbs Street
    Athens, AL 35611
  5. Old Athens City Cemetery (No Available Lots)
    309 Washington Street East
    Athens, AL 35611

Perpetual Care & Up Keep

Perpetual care is included in the price of the lots, purchased after December 14, 1965. Lots acquired before December 14, 1965, have an upkeep charge as follows:
  • $8 per year - full lot (8 graves)
  • $4 per year - half lot (4 graves)
  • $2 per year - quarter lot (2 graves)
*unless noted on deed

Perpetual care is obtainable by paying all upkeep in arrears plus a $100 fee.

Upkeep must be current before any internment or improvement to the lot.

Cemetery Lot Prices & Fees

  • Full lots - (8 graves) $2,400
  • Half lots - (4 graves) $1,200
  • Quarter lots - (2 graves) $600
We accept cash, check or money order only.
*the sale of lots are in pairs only.

Grave Openings and Closings
  • Regular - $400
  • Cremation and Infants (2 yrs and under) Regular - $200
*No burials on City observed holidays

Transfer Deeds fee $5
Improvement Permit $10