City Clerk


City Clerk
Annette Barnes
Temporary City Hall
1806 Wilkinson Street (click link for map)
2nd Floor

(256) 233-8004


The city clerk's office is responsible for the financial management of the city which includes collection of taxes and licenses. The city clerk's office maintains all records for the city

RDS (formerly AlaTax) is the tax administrator for The City of Athens. RDS works with hundreds of local and state governments in several states providing taxpayer services, including business tax collection, taxpayer registration, and online filing of business taxes. The services offered to the government agencies help bridge the gap between the government and their constituents. If you have questions, need forms, or want to file online, please go to


Documents and Forms

pdfApplication for New Business

pdfAlcohol Beverage Zoning License Application

pdfBoard, Commission or Committee Application

Municipal Election Canvass 2012


Frequently Asked Municipial Court Questions

1. Can I register for driving school?

If you have a traffic citation for speeding, less than 25 mph over the posted limit, running a red light, failure to stop at a stop sign, or any other minor traffic offense that is listed on our schedule of fines,  you have a valid Alabama driver license, and if you have not attended a driving course within the past 12 months, you are eligible.

You will need to come into the office PRIOR to your court date to register.  The fee to register is $100.00.  If you successfully complete the driving course, you citation will be dismissed.

2. Can I pay my citation without attending court?

If your citation is listed on our schedule of fines and it is not a companion case to one that is not listed, you should be able to pay without appearing in court.  If you are unsure or would like the amount, please contact the clerk’s office at 256-233-8733.


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